Build real time, location aware apps.

Echlo is the best software platform for building products in the real world. Our real time location software handles all the heavy lifting, so you can spend more time running your business.


The complete location toolkit

Whether you are building a transportation, on-demand or logistics business, your real world product needs real time data. Echlo's easy to use APIs help you create the best possible service for your users.


Real time multicasting

Stream locations and data from any device to any number of other devices in real time. Choose between different message persistent models to meet your business needs.


First class security

All traffic coming to and from every endpoint is encrypted with the latest TLS standard. We use smart security practices to keep your data safe.


Advanced geofencing

Use single device geofencing to create custom rules for every device. Create advanced geofencing triggers based on complex rules and multiple devices.


Powerful analytics

Easy to use visualization tools provides a comprehensive view of your business. Analyze activity in your network to understand and improve your operations.


Flexible access control

Need to show a route to only while the delivery is en route? Dynamically control access to any resource through our simple APIs.


Bring your own devices

Deploy applications on consumer platforms with SDKs available for iOS, Android and Javascript.


We're developers too

Creating great software is central to what we do. We believe having building blocks that are simple, powerful and robust allows for building products that are greater than the sum of their parts. Our platform is obsessively engineered to ensure that every component is not only performant but also simple to use. We make it look effortless, so you don't have to.

We understand location

In the process of creating the Echlo platform, we've made a social coordination app that uses real time location to help users meet up with their friends.

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