Developer documentation

How to use Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality opens up new and interesting ways for players to interact with the real world, creating exciting possibilities for new, creative experiences. Here are some ways that Augmented Reality can be used in your game.

Overlaying new content into the real world.

  • Help enrich the current environment by overlaying something new and novel for people to get excited about.
  • Adding mystical beasts to a scene can really help people imagine more.

Add hidden layers by revealing more information underneath.

  • Another way of adding rich meaning is to reveal to people more information than there is.
  • For example, x-ray lens can be used to build hidden chambers inside existing spaces.

Digital objects can be used to obfuscate and hide information.

  • Removing objects or information that is not relevant to the task so to make the main tasks easier. Replace an existing feature with another feature.
  • An example would be in situ translation.

Using the real world to fill in for the digital world.

  • Having a game world that is constructed around real world layouts allow creative uses of moving things around to accomplish goals.

Modification of existing objects.

  • Add new capabilities to existing objects by creating new digital interfaces.
  • For example, add a brightness control to an IOT lightbulb that is overlaid digitally.